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Balancing A New Normal Along With COVID-19

Balancing A New Normal Along With COVID-19

As lockdowns are lifted, experts are debating how to avoid a new surge in cases. Scientists and world leaders are also placing much hope on quickly finding a vaccine for COVID-19. Even though there are reasons for optimism, a viable treatment is still unlikely. Many of us may have to get used to a very different lifestyle even if some restrictions are eased.

Returning To Normal

Even though health experts urge caution, governments are under extreme financial pressure to reopen their economies. No matter what they do, lockdown fatigue will prompt more people to venture outdoors and even gather in groups. Our experts had a few suggestions on what the new normal might look like.

  • Wearing face mask: While an increasing number of countries mandate wearing a mask and many people simply refuse to do what they’re told. The wearing of face masks protocol is recommended by health experts. It helps prevent the spread of the virus because it spread through respiratory droplets when talking, coughing, or sneezing.
  • Motivations not fines: Some governments have been fining people who don’t wear masks in public or keep sufficient space with others. However, people have been complying with health guidelines because they’re motivated not because of threats.

Fighting Lockdown Fatigue

Despite the impetus, a vaccine seems distant and some countries have reimposed lockdowns that had lifted due to coronavirus flare-ups. We may have to continue to live at least partially isolated existence for many months to come. Here are a few suggestions on how to get through it.

  • Sleep like a baby: The pandemic has triggered a lot of stress and anxiety which makes it harder for lots of people to get enough sleep. A good night’s sleep is now more important than ever. Having adequate sleep helps your overall health. Make an effort to have enough sleep especially at this time where we need to make a huge adjustment.
  • We need a hug: One of the crueler impacts of the pandemic is that we are discouraged from touching our friends and in some cases even our family. The importance of handshakes, high-fives, and hugs is a lot more just like being physically together. As social distancing is still present, we can do nothing about it but to follow this protocol for us to be safe as well as other people. You can find an alternative to these greetings, instead of handshakes or hugs you can do elbow-to-elbow greeting or shake your feet.
  • Protective equipment: Lots of us have been stocking up on hand sanitizer, masks, and other personal protective equipment. Health experts are arguing that we also need emotional protective equipment to endure the mental impact of this crisis. Many people have been affected by the pandemic because they’re not able to meet family or relatives, friends, or not being able to do their usual routine. Emotional protective equipment could be a counselor or a trusted friend with whom you can share your thoughts and feelings. This is the time when we need to take care of each other not just physical but mental well-being also.