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The pandemic might have caused you and your loved one a feeling of anxiousness and apprehensions. Now, it is time to search for reasons to be joyful. You might consider practicing these tips to improve your mood, cultivate yourself, and help others.

1. Be Kind

Being kind boosts serotonin which is a natural antidepressant. You can call your friends and neighbors. If you are out for grocery shopping, give a smile to all the workers who are keeping the shelves stocked. You may also ask older adults in your neighbor if they need help.

2. Be Grateful

Show appreciation even in the least approach if you notice someone being kind to you. If you practice this, you become more positive which helps others feel good as well.

3. Deepen Your Connections

Those people who are closest to you, you can share your feelings with them. Encourage one another to make the best of this moment in time. You can also come up with a game plan to support each other in moving forward.

4. Move

Do physical activity and move your body. Exercising is very important to maintain mental and physical health. Get your heart pump by having a walk or a yoga session. Practice social distancing if you go outside for a walk.

5. Write Your Thoughts

Journal could be a powerful way to get perspective. Clarify your feelings and thoughts in a journal. This will help you get to know yourself better. It also releases stress in your daily life.

6. Meditate

Sit quietly for a few minutes, have deep breathing, and let your mind relax. Meditation lessens anxiety and helps you get in touch with your inner self. It also helps you face the world in a centered and focused way.

7. Determine The Things That Bothers You

Unclear worries are hard to manage. Try to get clear on what you are concerned about. Find the root of your worry and figure out what you can about it.

8. Eat Well

Have fun with your meal. By having a lot of time at home, you can cook your favorite recipes. Set your table with your own finest dishes. You can as well cook your meal with your partner, kids, or another family member. If you live alone, take a picture of your meal and share it with friends for fun.

9. Play Games

There are lots of games available online. You can join others online or even on your phone all by yourself. Playing games helps you not to think about other things. Give yourself consent to have some fun. Just make sure you set your limitations on playing the game online and have time for your screen time.

10. Remind Yourself That This Will Pass 

Think of the things you can’t control and focus on what you can do to move over these uncertainties optimistically. Use the things you have during other difficult times and recall how those times eventually have passed by.