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In this time of coronavirus outbreak, there are steps we can take to help stay as healthy as possible. If you or your loved one is living with type-1 or type-2 diabetes in this age of COVID-19, you may ask questions about the best way to take of yourselves. We have developed the following guidelines for you to be able to follow and have a healthy living during these times.

How To Stay Healthy During The Time Of Covid-19 Outbreak?

1. Avoid Getting Diabetic Ketoacidosis

DKA or also known as Diabetic Ketoacidosis affects people living with diabetes and is a serious health problem. The blood becomes acidic if the body doesn’t have sufficient insulin that circulates to use the glucose or sugar for energy. Any severe infection such as COVID-19 increases the risk of Diabetic Ketoacidosis especially in people with type-1 diabetes. If you become sick;

  • Increase your insulin doses as needed
  • Check your blood sugar levels often
  • Stay well-hydrated
  • Make sure you are stocked with both non-carbohydrate and carbohydrate-containing beverages
  • Make also sure that you have nonperishable foods at home
  • Do not stop insulin eve if you are vomiting or eating very little

2. Stock Up Medications

Make sure to have enough supply of insulin and any other medications for diabetes for at least a month’s worth. Several pharmacies offer delivery for medications and other supplies you may need.

3. Monitor Your Blood Sugar Regularly 

If your blood sugar is poorly controlled and you become infected with coronavirus, it might be difficult for your body to fight off the infection. Check your blood sugar as directed because it is essential to maintain optimal glucose control. Make sure that you have at least a month or more of supply such as glucose testing strips.

4. Check With Your Doctor Virtually

At this moment, most doctors and patients are choosing telemedicine which is a virtual visit through the internet. Check with your healthcare provider if they are offering services online and how you can access it if needed.

5. Exercise And Maintain A Healthy Diet

When you feel stuck inside, it’s easy to move less. However, physical activity is very important especially in people living with diabetes. Try going outside in your neighborhood or a nearby park for a walk. When outside, don’t forget to maintain an adequate distance from other people. Also, wash your hands thoroughly when you get home. You can access online with yoga or exercise classes too. You may do these just in your living room.

Being at home also allows you to eat healthily. These may include eating healthier-sized portions, lower-fat high-fiber foods, and staying away from unhealthy restaurant meals. Stock up foods that are healthy like vegetables and fruits. You may also stock up nonperishable foods to let you always have something healthy on hand to prepare for your meals. If your glucose readings change because of changes in your diet and activity level, talk with your healthcare provider before making any adjustments. It may be in your insulin dose or any other medications.