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During a pandemic, children with special health care need routine care but how they get it might change. However, some medical visits are being done through phone or video meetings. Below is more on what to expect during this time when there are lots of challenges;

1. Are Kids With Special Health Needs More At Risk Of Being Infected With COVID-19?

There is the only portion of the kid’s population to have the disease. As of the moment, it is still hard for experts to know how the virus affects kids with special health needs. To avoid infection and to stay safe, you must follow the safety measure given by health experts and be sure to:

  • Maintain at least 2meters far from other people who are not with the same household as yours
  • Wear face coverings when going outside especially in public places
  • Wash your hands thoroughly and frequently

2. Must I Take My Child To Have Health Care Visits?

Talk to your doctor or healthcare provider first. There are lots of doctor’s offices scheduling in-person visits this time because of health protocols. Some of the appointments might be video visits. If your child has their in-person visits, talk to the office about how they can keep your child safe.

3. Do I Still Need To Give My Child Their Regular Medications?

You still need to give your child their regular medications unless the healthcare provider tells you to stop. The best way to keep them healthy is to take care of their health condition. If they do get the coronavirus, being in their best health will make it easier for them to get better. Also, keep at least 2 to 3 weeks of medical supplies on hand.

4. Should My Child Still Get Other Medicines Or Get Chemotherapy That Affects The Immune System?

Continue giving them medicines and chemotherapy until the care team tells you to stop. Follow also these guidelines to prevent them from being infected;

  • Practice hand hygiene
  • Practice social or physical distancing
  • Wear face masks when out in public settings

5. Could It Be COVID-19 If My Child Gets Sick?

If your child feels ill, call your health care provider as soon as possible. They know the health history of your child and will know if they have any special risks. The doctor will ask you if how is your child and if they have been with someone suspected or known to have the coronavirus. The healthcare team will tell you what you are going to do and if you need to bring your child for a personal visit.

6. How To Handle The Stress While Caring For My Child With Special Needs?

  • Start your day with a routine a control what you can
  • Go for a walk just wear a face mask if you can’t keep a safe distance from others. You can also do some active things even just in your home.
  • Try to focus on being in the moment with mindfulness, meditation, or yoga.
  • Keep in touch with your child’s care team so you do not feel alone.
  • Go easy on yourself and do your best to manage what you can.
  • Get support from family if you feel stressed. A phone call or a video visit can go a long way.