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Helping Children Adjust to the New Normal

Helping Children Adjust to the New Normal

As the new normal was introduced due to the coronavirus outbreak, everyone suddenly had to find new ways of doing things. Almost everything has shifted into new ways of living; schools went online, and the meeting moved via Zoom. Workplaces also brought new measures, and even social events have changed, which minimizes physical interaction. Many of us have found it hard to adapt to the new normal in our lives, especially children. Be patient and give your best on adjusting and adapting to the new normal in your life. 


  1. How to help children stay focused on their tasks (chores and school)?

For children to help them stay focused, creating a routine at home is beneficial. They must have a set wake-up and bedtime just as if they were going to school. Keep also mealtime consistent. They should have scheduled time for exercise, chores, school work, family time, and relaxation. You may consider posting the schedule in a prominent location at home. Having a clear schedule will help your children adjust to their new normal for now. Parents should check if they are following their schedule. 

2. What must parents do if their children do not take social distancing seriously?

Their friends from the neighborhood may invite them to play and get together. It would help if you were a good example for your children in this regard. Make and help them understand the purpose of social distancing. Help them on how they can stay connected socially but physically apart. Young children might have difficulty understanding social distancing protocol, and they might be confused about this behavior.

3. How to fight boredom at home in the context of social distancing measures?

In fighting boredom, a schedule can be beneficial. Help children or teens discover a different task to work on, a new skill to enhance, and a new talent to discover. Take this opportunity to spend more time at home to complete home projects. They can also clean out their rooms and identify some clothes that no longer fits or toys that are not being used. You can help them out to give that stuff as a donation for others. Helps them discover in what way they can still contribute to activities that they enjoy

4. The right way to respond to children who share negative feelings

Let them share their feelings and listen to them diligently. Parents should know their children’s difficulty on how they cope with the adjustment as the new normal takes place. Parents can share their challenges as well and share with them how they cope up with it. Let your children know that you are adjusting too. Tell them that it’s okay to talk about difficult feelings. Parents should be a model on how to handle difficult things especially this new normal. Make sure not to overburden your children with adult problems or impart a feeling of guilt.