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Undo The Bad Habits You Had During The Lockdown

Undo The Bad Habits You Had During The Lockdown

You are not alone if you are stressed and you live in a global pandemic has that disrupted your healthy routines. The lockdown and quarantine have made most of the people gain weight which could be more than during holidays. Establishing unhealthy habits works the same way as forming healthy ones. However, you can still undo the things that you’ve got used to during quarantine and lockdown. Shift your focus and establish healthy routines once again by following some of this advice:

1. Control Stress Eating

There’s a natural tendency to turn to food to cope with added stress. However, if unhealthy eating habits are left unchecked and not supplemented with more suitable coping strategies, the effects of unhealthy eating habits may deteriorate your emotional and physical health. The steps to undoing this habit are:

  • To understand your physical and emotional hunger.
  • To detect proper ways to manage your emotions. If you’re bored or need an escape, food might not be the best way to handle the situation.
  • To learn how to satisfy your physical hunger. Have a meal within three hours of waking up and again every three to five hours.

When you learn how to identify and manage your physical hunger, you’re in a better position to test out other coping strategies that address your emotional needs.

2. Working Extra Hours

The extra work can mean extra stress and less time to engage in healthful self-care activities. Several people feel that they’re not working as hard if they’re working from home. As a result, they ease up on those boundaries and work a little later or don’t take breaks. In the office, employees had mental breaks automatically built into their days such as chatting with a colleague, commuting, or grabbing a coffee or lunch. Being at home, they don’t have those breaks already built-in and they need to create them. It’s vital to create a routine that works for you and that also includes meals and a time for your own. It is recommended to separate your work zone from your other living spaces. Don’t eat at your workspace and don’t do other non-work activities there.

3. Alcohol Consumption

Even if you drink within the healthy range, this new habit can deviate toward an unhealthy zone. Examine yourself whether it bothers you that you’re drinking more and whether this habit is interfering with your productivity. It is recommended to take a pause and identify what is going on at the moment and ask yourself how you might handle it healthfully. With a moment to reflect, you can determine whether you’re engaging in unhealthy drinking habits during the pandemic. Instead of reaching drinking alcohol too much, you can try deep breathing, taking a walk, or calling a friend.

4. Stop Skipping Workouts

It is very important to consider your mindset when going back to your fitness routine. Self-compassion is critical for staying engaged in a wellness journey. Instead of beating yourself up over unhealthy lifestyle habits, recognize that it’s normal for routines to change especially at this time of the pandemic. Don’t think of it as a setback, think of it as part of the nonlinear nature of progress. Set very specific and achievable goals. You can go back slowly until you’re back with what you usually do. Keep in mind that any amount is better than no amount.