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Because of the global panic around coronavirus, the world is topsy-turvy right now. Know that being overwhelmed or stressed about it is a normal response. However, it is important to go easy on yourself. We hope that the following advice will help you feel a little better and give you a sense of control during this uncertain time.

  • Stay active

Almost all people have known that exercise is good for your physical and mental health. You may check online for heaps of different types of exercise that you can do from home. 

  • Chat your mates or colleagues

Try to stay in touch with them via good old-fashioned phone calls or online messaging. Ask them how they are feeling and if you feel safe to share your own experience. 

  • Check out forums.

If you are already feeling isolated or all alone, jump on the internet and check out available forums online. Look for a safe, anonymous space where you can chat with other people. 

  • Make homemade meal

It is always important to have good nutrition. During pandemic or isolation time, there’s nothing better than a tasty, healthy homemade meal. For many people, it may be a challenge to get some ingredients at the moment. If you are not able to get certain things, you can keep it simple. Find ways or ideas on the internet and look for a substitute. 

  • Take a break

Take a break between social media and the news. Every people are feeling saturated with the coronavirus update right now. It’s vital to be stay informed, but try to limit your information intake and use only trusted sources. 

  • Make a music playlist.

Make a playlist of your favorite songs. Music will make you feel so much better. You can also ask your friends to add some of their favorite songs and make a group playlist. 

  • Watch or read something uplifting. 

Watch something that you find uplifting and let yourself zone out from what’s going on in the world. There are also various relaxing videos online that are sure to help you chill out. 

If reading is one of your things, choose an old favorite book. If you don’t have any physical, you may browse on Google and download e-books. 

  • Learn something new

 If you want to learn a certain musical instrument or want to have a unique piece of art, this is a great opportunity while staying at home. If you want to learn a new language, you can access numerous free language learning programs from your computer or phone. 

Social interaction and keeping routines can be a great help for our mental health. In situations where this is not promising, being connected with family and friends online may help. Always acknowledge feelings of distress and seek further professional support if needed. Don’t let your distress drown you, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. Your family, friends, and colleagues are around you to extend their help if you need it.